FRONTLINE is a consulting firm providing project development, stakeholder engagement and management advisory expertise to the energy industry. We have permitted energy projects and led acquisition due diligence activities across many different industry sectors including resource extraction, power generation, pipelines and terminals.

Our project development services include site selection, land acquisition, regulatory permitting and local project management.  We have developed and permitted numerous energy projects including mines, thermal power plants and renewable energy facilities.  We understand energy project development and the associated regulatory requirements, so we can effectively and efficiently provide direction to the technical, environmental and engagement teams involved in your project. 

Our stakeholder engagement service focuses on planning, executing and documenting a high-quality engagement program to support a regulatory application.  FRONTLINE has a strong background in engaging landowners, government, indigenous communities and regulatory agencies.  We work with and alongside field teams to identify and resolve stakeholder concerns and our approach is based on the belief that effective consultation is critical to a successful project.

Our management advisory service is geared towards short duration assignments that include commercial negotiations, economic modelling and acquisition due diligence.

At FRONTLINE, our passion is projects. We bring executive level expertise to support the delivery of a world class effort. Please review our services to see how we can support your project development needs.

Our Value Proposition

FRONTLINE will professionally and efficiently....
  • Manage local project development activities;
  • Develop, execute and document your stakeholder engagement program;
  • Prepare, submit and secure your regulatory applications; and
  • Negotiate or advise on any project specific commercial requirements….

          …so you can focus on the decision to invest.

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