Project Development

Project development in the energy industry involves the ability to coordinate multi-disciplinary teams, sometimes across an extensive land base.  We have led numerous development projects involving regulatory applications and environmental assessments, we understand the demands on a Project Manager’s time and we’re here to help.

Our past success is based on supporting informed development decisions through comprehensive engagement.  We do this by making sure we understand what’s going on in the field. FrontLine’s project development service focuses on local project management and regulatory permitting. 

We have developed and permitted numerous energy projects including wind energy facilities, solar energy facilities and thermal power plants (coal, natural gas).  We have also developed and permitted coals mines, pipelines and bulk terminals.

At FrontLine, we understand energy project development and the associated regulatory requirements, so we can effectively and efficiently provide direction to the technical, environmental and engagement teams involved in your project.  Our project development services include site selection, land acquisition, regulatory permitting and local project management.

We have developed projects with our own capital, so we understand how to effectively manage and control development expenses to maximize value.

Local Project Management

A common element to successful development activities is having a hand on the pulse of your project.

FrontLine has direct and comprehensive experience leading multi-disciplinary development teams involving technical, environmental, land and engagement resources.  We’ve developed projects including coal mines, thermal power plants and renewable energy facilities that have involved a broad range of technical and stakeholder considerations.

Think of us as your boots on the ground.

Regulatory Permitting

FrontLine’s understanding for the requirements of regulatory permitting has been gained through experience in multiple jurisdictions, with Alberta being at our core. We have permitted numerous power generation, resource extraction, pipeline and rail terminal projects.

We coordinate all the information required for your regulatory application including agency referrals and approvals, GIS mapping, technical requirements, environmental assessment, land use, noise impact and stakeholder engagement. FrontLine ensures that the components of your application are consistent with the identified requirements.

Let us worry about coordinating the application so you can focus on activities that support the investment decision.

GIS Mapping

Creating project specific maps can be a time-consuming and expensive process when a mapping service provider is not integrated with the needs of the project development, consultation and permitting teams.

FrontLine provides full ArcGIS capability to deliver high quality mapping in support of regulatory applications or consultation activities.  We drive efficiencies for our clients by creating maps in real time to support all aspects of project development.

Land Acquisition


Frontline provides land acquisition services either directly or through our affiliation with a licensed, full service land agent.

We work with our clients and their legal team to:

  • understand lease rates in a project area;
  • establish commercial terms that work for both landowners and project;
  • provide input on option and lease agreements based on landowner feedback; and
  • secure executed option and lease agreements from landowners.
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